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    We are committed to the application and development of patented small molecule peptides.
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    Develop and produce various dosage forms for customers, such as capsules, lozenges, liquids, aluminum bags, drops and other products.
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Application in cosmetics products by patented sequence-specific 

peptides PROTAI︎® 

The research and development team of Pro SunFun Biotech Co., Ltd. has invested significant resources in screening and sorting through thousands of combinations of amino acids to discover and confirm the unique functional small molecule sequence-specific peptides (PROTAI︎®). Currently, the identified small molecule sequences can be applied to the development of products in various fields, including eye moisturization and protection against light damage, wound healing for diabetes patients, scalp health and hair maintenance, as well as skin elasticity restoration and firming.

Our company's sequence-specific peptide for skin and hair care has demonstrated powerful effects in anti-aging and beauty maintenance. It was certified with the INCI name Pentapeptide-80 in 2021, and it is widely used in the medical-grade skincare product market. The results of the development of various small molecule sequence peptides have led to the acquisition of nearly 14 invention patents, with patents recognized internationally in the United States, China, and Taiwan.


Development of Plant-Based Health Supplements

We develop and produce functional health supplements for our customers, focusing on plant-based ingredients and incorporating patented extraction techniques. Our product range includes capsules, tablets, liquids, aluminum sachets, and granules, all designed to benefit the human body. Through daily maintenance, we help achieve inner health and enhance the colorful aspects of life, promoting both well-being and external beauty.


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